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About P3A

The Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority promotes an ongoing collaboration between the public and private sector with the ultimate aim of offering a high quality of life to all Puerto Ricans.

The collaboration between these two sectors is key to promoting sustainable economic development and establishing Puerto Rico as a global competitor in the industry of goods and services.


What are Public-Private Partnerships?

Public-Private Partnerships, better known as P3A, are contractual agreements between a government agency and a private entity to provide works or services required in Puerto Rico for an established period of time.

Depending on private sector innovation, there are models of P3A that include one or more stages, including design, construction, operation, financing, and maintenance.


What are the advantages of P3A for Puerto Rico?

  • The P3A retain the deed; that is, the Government remains the owner of that property. IT IS NOT PRIVATIZATION.
  • A P3A provides the money needed to invest in infrastructure projects that the Government cannot afford.
  • P3A provide greater value for every taxpayer dollar – less infrastructure costs and further improvements during the life of the project.
  • A P3A demands transparency in the recruitment process.
  • P3A help reduce and stabilize the turnover of basic services.
  • P3A impact the economic development of Puerto Rico to create a better quality of life.
  • P3A ensure the use of the strictest quality controls worldwide.
  • The continuity of each P3A project is not affected due to changes in political administration.

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