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The P3A promotes an ongoing collaboration between the public and private sectors to offer a higher quality standard of life. The partnership between these two sectors is key to promoting sustainable economic impact and establishing Puerto Rico as a global competitor in infrastructure development.Depending on the private sector’s innovation, some P3 models include one or more stages, including design, construction, operation, financing, and maintenance.

Message from the Executive Director

The P3A is here to transform Puerto Rico’s economy andlifestyle by enhancing our infrastructure and services through the effectiveintegration of the private sector’s innovation and expertise. By following aglobal trend, our success stories have shown that we can support and establishagreements that can be mutually beneficial for all stakeholders involved;particularly, our citizens of Puerto Rico.

Some of them have been considered landmark transactions inthe United States and have been showcased as successful case studies to befollowed as examples of well-implemented P3 partnerships. For instance, in thecase of Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, it constitutes the first andonly successful privatization of a large commercial airport under the FAA’s pilot program.

Puerto Rico’s current economic and fiscal situation requiresus to come up with innovative ways of delivering high quality public servicesand foster socio-economic development, by optimizing synergies between thegovernment and the private sector to pursue the best outcome for the people ofPuerto Rico. By leveraging on our successful precedents and reputation as anideal investment destination, our administration has come to clearly convey tothe markets that Puerto Rico is “Open for Business.”

Our main goal is to continue to meet the demands of ourtimes and acknowledge modernization and technological interactivity between thepublic and private sector, by welcoming you to our website. Accessibility,transparency and accountability are pillars of this new administration and the P3A is fully committed to such principles.

In that sense, our website comprises all informationrequired by law as well as many other resources, to enable the public toparticipate in the proceedings conducive to a P3.  The information includes the list of ourpriority projects, business opportunities, applicable laws and regulations,public dissemination of desirability studies and procurement documents, as wellas relevant news concerning how to participate in the process to enter into a P3 agreement.

Undoubtedly, we are focused on availing ourselves of thehistoric juncture that we have before us to lay out the groundwork for the newPuerto Rico that our current and future generations deserve.

We know that together we can transform Puerto Rico’s future and see it thrive.

Fermín Fontanés, Executive Director for Public-PrivatePartnerships Authority

Foto Fermin Fontanes Director Ejecutivo AAPP


Enabling Act

Public-Private Partnership Act



Res. 2022 54 (AAPP) Autorization AAFAF Regulations for the Acquisition of Goods and Services


Regulations Acquisition of Goods and Services AAFAF


Regulation For The Procurement, Evaluation, Selection, Negotiation And Award Of Participatory Public-Private Partnership Contracts Under Act No. 29-2009, As Amended


Regulation for the Procurement, Evaluation, Selection, Negotiation and Award of Partnership Contracts and Sale Contracts for the Transformation of the Electric System Under Act No. 120-2018, As Amended


Ethics Law & Guidelines

Puerto Rico Government Ethics Act of 2011 (Law 1-2012) (Spanish version)


Code of Ethics for Contractors, Suppliers of Goods and Services and Applicants for Economic Incentives of the Executive Agencies of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Spanish version)


Guidelines for the Evaluation of Conflicts of Interest and Unfair Advantages in the Procurement of Public-Private Partnership Contracts


P3 Guidelines

Guidelines For The Preparation, Evaluation, Selection, And Procurement Of Public-Private Partnerships Through Unsolicited Proposals (English Version)


Process Flowcharts & Act 29

P3 Approval Process


Procurement Process for P3


Unsolicited Proposal Process


Act 120

Puerto Rico Electric Power System Transformation Process


Qualified Advisor

As part of the process to implement public policy to promote the establishment of P3s in Puerto Rico, the P3A hires consultants in several specialized fields, including the preparation of desirability and convenience studies for potential projects, procurement, and technical engineering, and environmental and financial advisory services, among others.

Any request for proposals or invitation to provide project advisory services will be sent exclusively to companies that have been previously qualified by the P3A and included in the list of qualified advisors. If a company is interested in being part of a team to respond to a particular proposal request, then all team members must be qualified in advance by the P3A. Companies interested in being qualified by the P3A must respond to the Request for Qualifications RFQ 2021-01.

List of Qualified Advisors - As of Nov 9, 2018